What Aura Means

Have you ever stood next to someone and felt an instant connection with them or did you feel like you wanted to get away from them…quickly? You felt this way whether you knew the person or not? It was just a FEELING you had? What you were feeling was their energy field. It’s usually called the Aura or Auric field.

What is an Aura or Auric field?

That feeling you felt came from an energy field that we call the Aura. It is an unseen electromagnetic field that surrounds the body of all living things. It actually surrounds each cell in the body.

The Aura is part of what is called the Etheric Body. It supplies energy to the physical body from this field. This is why you FEEL a person’s energy when you are close.

Depending on the emotional state of the person, it may feel like sadness, happiness, peace or a number of other emotions. When we are close to someone, we can usually feel if they are having a good or bad day even though they may not tell us. We just KNOW. We can FEEL it.

If you are an empathic person, you can pick up on those emotions and sometimes and empath will start feeling the same way the other person feels without a word being spoken. This is why sensitive empaths need to protect their space from taking on other people’s emotions.

I am of the belief that some people just are not meant to be in my space. I don’t know why but when the energy doesn’t match up in a way that feels good, I take inventory to make sure that it isn’t some of my own ‘stuff’ and I am not ‘projecting’ my energy on that person or that situation.

BUT, there will be times when the feeling isn’t justified by anything other than “it just does or doesn’t FEEL right.” Why? Because their Aura energy is not lining up with something we can’t see or explain. It’s just a feeling we have.

What does an aura look like?


Our bodies are full of energy.

When a person has their picture taken of their Aura, the Aura looks like an outline of light around the person. It can be in various shades, colors and intensities. This is all based on the amount of emotional, mental or physical energy that is being exerted or given attention at the time.

Let’s take a light bulb, as an example. When you get closer to the bulb, you can feel the energetic heat. It gets warmer even though you don’t see the different colors and layers that are surrounding the light bulb. You just see light.

With the Aura field, you may not see the light, but just like with the light bulb but you can feel the energy coming off the person or other living being (i.e. dog, cat, horse…etc).

Just like the light bulb, the cells in our body emit light. This light from our cells is called Biophotons. Biophotons are photons of light that are produced by a biological system.

In ancient medicine, it is believed the Aura comes out in 7 different layers.

It takes a special piece of equipment that uses a specific processing technique using high voltage. That technique was developed by Semyon Kirlian and his wife Valentina in 1939. Seymon Kirlian was a Russian electrical engineer. The special technique is called Kirlian photography.

Here is a link to show you how to set up your own Kirlian Photography photos.

The ancient people believed that the Aura extends approximately 1 inch off from the physical body.

Does and Aura stay the same?

No. Our Aura changes with our mood, thoughts and things we do. Your Aura is composed of a vibrational frequency which is affected by everything we do or think. Since we are always doing or thinking a number of things at any given moment, it’s no wonder why the Aura doesn’t always stay the same.

What color is the Aura?

The Aura has many layers and emits colors that correspond to the Chakras. We will get deeper into chakras in the another post.

Here are some description interpretations of the meaning of different Aura colors:

  1. Red – Fiery, energetic person. Correlates to the Root Chakra
  2. Orange – Sexual and Creativity. Correlates to the Sacral Chakra
  3. Yellow – Cheery Charismatic disposition. Magnetic personality. Correlates to the Solar Plexus Chakra
  4. Green – Compassion, forgiveness, Self-love. Correlates to the Heart Chakra
  5. Blue – Mental, insightful, expressive. Correlates to the Throat Chakra
  6. Purple – Strong intuitive, sensitivity, psychic, empathic. Correlates to the Third Eye Chakra
  7. White – Perfectionist, nervousness. Correlates to the Crown Chakra
  8. Black – Fatigue and exhaustion. Grounding needed.


Because we are living biological systems that makeup a Physical body, we emit light. This light is called Biophotons. We can say we are all “Light Beings”.

Next time you are standing close to someone, pay attention to how you feel. Do you feel like you want to stand closer or move away? And, are the feelings your own feelings or are they coming from the other person?

Whether we get a good feeling or not when we interact with someone else, it is important to check in with yourself to make sure it doesn’t have something to do with our own ‘stuff’ and that we are not projecting our feelings onto them.

We are all light beings but not all light is meant to shine on our pathway. So, don’t get upset if someone’s energy doesn’t work with yours. Sometimes they are just meant to cross your path as a teacher so you can get on your correct path. Or to give you a lesson that you need to have as you travel through life.

I believe we are all doing the best we can with what we have and what we know and believe. It is important to be mindful of who we are being and what we are emitting so that we send the energetic signals that we want to have projected.

Your mood, thoughts and things you are doing dictate what color your Aura field is emitting?

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